WordPress Cleanup Service – Scope

In one sentence, we will determine why your site isn’t working properly (or not at all), we will report our findings to you and we will make a reasonable, best-effort attempt to fix the problems that are causing your WordPress site to malfunction.

Issues that are typically within the scope of our WordPress Cleanup Service

Installation Problems: You’ve attempted to install WordPress on your server, but you’ve encountered some stumbling block that prevents the installation process to complete successfully

Relocation Problems: You’ve attempted to move your WordPress site from one domain to another — or from one hosting company to another — and you’ve run into problems

Update Problems: You’ve attempted to update your WordPress installation and your site crashed or malfunctioned during or after the update

Malware and Hacking: Your WordPress site got hacked and/or infested with malware

Web Server configuration issues: Trouble related to rewrite rules, file permissions, …

Issues that are typically not within the scope of this service

Our WordPress experts can usually help you with the issues listed below as well, but due to their nature or the effort required to address them, this is outside the scope of our fixed-price WordPress Cleanup Service.
Please don’t hesitate to send us an inquiry, we will promptly provide you with a quote.

Code Modifications: You’ve customized files that come with WordPress (such as PHP scripts, JavaScript, HTML and CSS files) or with a third-party module, and your customizations don’t work as expected

New Features and Enhancements: The purpose of this service is to troubleshoot and to repair a WordPress site that is currently broken. If you’d like to enhance your site’s looks or functionality, that’s not within the scope of this service.

Important note regarding theme and plugin (“third-party module”) compatibility issues

Themes and plugins are third-party software modules that can be integrated with WordPress to enhance or customize its looks or functionality.

In case such a module ceases to work with a new version of WordPress, causes other modules to malfunction, or renders a WordPress site unusable, the effort that is required to fix such a compatibility issue can vary significantly, depending on the specific circumstances.

In such a case, we will investigate the problems and make a best-effort attempt to fix them. If a satisfying problem resolution isn’t possible within a reasonable amount of time, as part of our fixed-price service, we’ll deactivate the offending module to restore the overall usability of your site. We’ll also provide information regarding your options for fixing or replacing the malfunctioning module.

Important note regarding data loss, database issues and backups

In case your database is corrupted, or data has been deleted from your database, we’ll need to restore a backup to recover from any data loss that might have occurred.

If you don’t keep any recent and intact backups, as a result we’re limited to rebuilding whatever is still there. The same also applies to data stored in the filesystem, in particular to uploaded or customized files.

Consequently, it’s our urgent recommendation to create backups of both the files and the database of your WordPress site on a regular basis, and to keep copies of these backups off-site. It’s crucially important that this is done before something bad happens. So, if you’re reading this “before lightening strikes” and don’t have a backup scheme in place yet, please consider to send us an inquiry to let us help you getting you covered.